Super Solution Dance Like There's No Tomorrow


Crisp packets, acrylic, metal

Trying to magnify society’s ignorance, but magnify my
self-ignorance instead. 


SUPER Solution: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow is a device art which consists of dance performance choreographed by data and the trash are the dancers. It looks into how we use plastic as a solution for many ends and discard on a daily basis, and yet at the same time, people are looking for alternatives to plastic. It is not an end solution, it’s always solution after solution, alternatives after alternatives. It is an endless solution.


The data consist of the amount of plastic waste being imported to Malaysia and the amount of license being approved in order to import plastic waste to Malaysia in 2020. The data will control
the movement of the microscope through a DIY computer numerical control (CNC) device, which it then magnifies into the trash being shared by UK artists. Through the microscope, the printing pigments are being enlarged and focused into little dots and varieties of patterns. Whenever the microscope moves,
as if the dots and patterns are dancing. Dance is often related
to “celebration”, whereas the artist is not trying to celebrate
this phenomena, but in fact the artist is trying to magnify
the ignorance.


The dance performance will be carried on for the whole exhibition days. The data and also the trash will determine the performance and act duration. In the sense that, it is an endless wasteful dance which attempts to invite the audience to question all sorts of solutions and society’s ignorance. 

A young man with a goatee and tribal tattoo on his right forearm stands against a light background. On his left and right are spiky sculptures that hang from the ceiling. The image is black and white.

KC Tan


Tan Kong Cheng (Kc Tan) is a coder by profession and a maker at heart.
His works often involve computation where visuals are generated with computer language. Creating artificial life (Alife) is his main interest because the evolution, simulations and process is intriguing. From cellular automata, fractals to machine learning, he explores a variety of methods and approaches in recreating this biological phenomena. In his works, he addresses the wide possibilities of algorithms in generating digital visuals. His current interest involves the interconnection between bits and atoms. With this particular interest in digital fabrication, he co-founded a makerspace together with other like-minded artists and goes with the name "FABU" as a collective.



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