H58cm x W30cm x D8cm | 2022
Mixed media
(Papier-mache-clay, Image Transfer, Acrylic Gouache,
Nylon Fruit Mesh)

I was inspired by UK artist Genevieve Rudd’s handwritten notes and sketches. Sifting through them, I notice how many of the words and drawings revolve around the sea. It becomes more apparent during our artist meetings that the sea plays a vital role in Genevieve’s artistic practice. As an avid note-taker myself,
I consider these paper scraps to be an intimate look into one’s innermost thoughts and musings.  As I developed my work, the scraps become almost precious—in need of preservation rather than left to be discarded. 


I extracted keywords and imagery from Genevieve’s papers, allowing them to inform the sculpture and create an imagined, fragmented seascape. By utilising photocopies and decoupage,
I was able to ‘embed’ the notes onto a paper-mache-clay base. The result is an ode to a landscape that I have never visited,
as described by a collection of words and images received from far away.

A young woman with long hair and a tattoo stands against a light background. The photograph is black and white.



Joanne Loo is a Malaysian left-handed creative.
Her work explores how personal experiences connect, divide, and define us as human beings, drawing inspiration from a childhood of food and oral storytelling. Her auto-ethnographic practice results in paintings, illustrations, and mixed media sculptures. Through the use of symbols and colour in her work,
Joanne wants to express themes of awareness, reflection, and emancipation of self.
She strives to combine what she considers are two halves of herself—visual arts and the written word.



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