17.9cm x 11.8cm | 2022
Plant matter, found beach plastic, sea water

Series of Cyanotype photographic prints of beach-combed materials found on beaches in Malaysia and the UK, processed with collected sea water.

A woman with long hair and glasses stands outside a building holding up a viewfinder with her left hand. The portrait is black and white.



Genevieve Rudd is an artist based in Norfolk, UK. She uses multidisciplinary approaches including textile arts, drawing and early photography techniques, informed by her photographic training at University of Westminster. Her inspiration is drawn from the natural world through working directly with plants and the weather, making on-location and utilising natural materials. Within this, she considers themes of time, place and seasonality.

Since 2011, Genevieve has been lead participatory arts projects with people. Since 2018, she has been an Associate Artist/Tutor at Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia. The creative projects she leads with people encourage closer looking, and ask about the places and people around us. They are often themed around environmental and heritage topics.
In 2021, Genevieve founded a social enterprise, Under Open Sky Ltd, which aims to explore changing coastline through art, science and cultural heritage engagement with local communities.



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