Study Into Plastic Detail


H61cm x ø41cm x B ø20cm | 2022
Mixed media
(Wire, Plastic Bags, Nylon Twine, Nylon Fruit Mesh,
Cyanotype Fabric Scraps)

When we received the bag of trash from our UK counterparts my initial observation was that trash from UK is not unlike trash in Malaysia and my first impulse was to take a bit of everything. 

After weeks of mulling over, the initial idea of making a collage from this shared familiarity developed into an urge to create something unrecognizable. A “melting pot” of sorts.
Inspired by Caroline Hyde-Brown’s experiments with ironing crisp packages, I fused bits of nylon twine Ummi Junid found by theGreat Yarmouth seaside in between oval cutouts from locally sourced plastic bags. The outcome was an illuminous, translucent, delicate disc with an organic, almost organism-like quality. So began the process of discovering various characteristics of plastic – shrinking, shriveling, melting, stiffening, disappearing – which continued with the use of a heat gun to create a form over a wire structure, before finally sewing on overlapping pieces to achieve a more textured surface. 


For an artist who works mainly with traditional mediums,
the prospect of creating new material borne from the combined trash of two countries is an exciting one. But it is the story held within each melted plastic piece that matters most. The story of the hands that have touched and made what are now fused together into tiny squiggly bits and indistinguishable dots.

A childlike illustration of a lady in a sarong. She has a bird on her head, an insect on her left cheek, and has her left hand ona cat-like animal. She is surrounded by various tropical foliage and flowers. The image is black and white.



Fariza Azlina Isahak entered the film/TV industry first as an actor on TV and in films before working behind the scenes as a line producer, screenwriter and director. She is now currently on hiatus from the hectic world of TV and film production to reconnect with her love for creating art in the quiet privacy of her work space at home using mainly traditional mediums, silkscreen and textile to explore issues of culture and identity as well as to experiment with surface design
and illustration inspired by nature and child art.



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