Size: varied | 2022
Treated plastics, gold thread, beads

For this co-collaboration Trash to Treasure, I wanted to take the meaning of the words trash and treasure quite literally.

Breathing new life into discarded and unwanted pieces of rubbish really inspired me to recreate small precious pieces of artistic treasures. I love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them. My hope was that this will invite my audience to make a shift to within themselves and rethink materials, thus addressing the need to also think about the amount of materials each one of us produces.

For inspiration I looked to Malaysian culture and the crossover between British and Malaysian gold work in embroidery.

This beaded piece (featured in The Star newspaper, Malaysia) is constructed from waste Malaysian fabric scraps. I have beaded in gold, to reflect the way throughout history Malay culture has absorbed influences and adapted knowledge from others. My aim was to develop my own artistic interpretation of Nyonya Beadwork from an article titled ‘50 traditional arts crafts and trades of Malaysia’. A fascinating aspect of Peranakan culture the women painstakingly stitch fine beads onto costumes, purses, handkerchiefs and slippers. They are highly prized and take a lot of patience and skill to complete.

A woman wearing winter clothing kneels in a forest clearing. There is a large basket on her right. The woman has her head down, looking towards the forest floor. The photograph is black and white.



Caroline’s creative practice seeks to understand and listen. To take the time to build and develop a trusted relationship with the transient beauty of our natural resources. Telling stories through the extraction of colour from homegrown flowers and foraged wild grasses, her pieces echo the ephemeral fragility of our limited natural resources.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in 2021 she has embraced the slow transformation and construction of visual narratives gained by exploring traditional techniques such as hand embroidery, knit and weave.

Identity, place, and environment all provide an emotional response to change and influence which
in turn questions and redefines moments in time.



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