H37cm x W27cm | 2022
Digital video projection on mixed media
(Plastic, Crisp Packet, Metal Wire & Acrylic)

“A medium to reflect upon, literally and figuratively.” 


BUDI a visual art projection mapping installation with my own take on Pohon Budi/Pohon Beringin element on digital art and new material. Pohon Budi is a widely used prop in Malaysian and Southeast Asian shadow puppet shows ( Wayang Kulit ). It is interesting for me to explore the visual language of local culture and also to experiment with new materials in a digital art practice.


The installation is made out of crisp packets that I received from our UK artist counterparts. I ironed the packets together to form new material. It explores new ways of creating much more sustainable art materials. The digital version of “Budi” is then mapped onto the physical object.  


The project started with the idea of exchanging trash from two different countries and exploring what we can do with it.. There is a Malay saying “Orang berbudi, kita berbahasa” and this installation is a visual representation of that. At the same time we are very conscious of our impact as artists towards the environment. I feel that we went through a lot of reflection during our weekly meet up sessions and this is the result of it.

A young man stands in front of many lamps that are reflected infinitely in mirrors behind him. The portrait is black and white.



Abdul Shakir (also known as ‘Grasshopper’) is a multidisciplinary multimedia artist and one of the co-founders of Filamen, which focuses on projection mapping, light installation and interactive installation projects. Shakir has worked in post-production and production agencies, and has done various projects related to design and art: graphic design, motion graphics, projection mapping and interactive installation.

His projects have gone beyond Malaysia and reached an international level, displaying his works in China, Hong Kong, Spain, and the USA. Some of the notable platforms in which he has shown his work are LAMPU Festival, Urbanscapes Art Festival, Rainforest in the City, and George Town Festival.



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